Emily Rose Russo is a children's book illustrator and character designer. Creative, ingenuitive, and tenacious, she is a recent graduate of the Hartford Art School, with minors in animation, English, and art history. Her favorite cartoon is Winnie the Pooh and her favorite video game is Zelda: Twilight Princess.
"All I've wanted to do since I was little is draw and make people happy. Illustrating children's books lets me do both of those things and get paid for it! It's perfect. I honestly can't imagine doing anything else with my life. It's what I was born to do." 
Emily Russo graduated magna cum laude from the Hartford Art School in the Honors Program.
Selected to represent the Hartford Art School at the 2020 Northeast Regional Honors Conference, before it was cancelled due to COVID-19.
Recipient of the 2020 Douglas Brassil Horak Memorial Award.

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